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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 7,277,000 motor vehicle crashes are reported yearly in the United States alone. Statistically, this makes traveling via an airplane much safer than traveling in a car. Individuals that are involved in a car accident should follow the steps listed below and call an experienced attorney immediately (813) 291-3717.

Determine Whether Medical Help is Necessary

The initial shock of being in a vehicle collision can hinder one’s ability to think clearly. However, the first step that one should take after being involved in a collision is to ensure everyone involved is physically unharmed. It is recommended to seek medical care after a collision because some grave injuries are not visible to the naked eye and can only be detected through extensive medical testing. It is not uncommon that individuals, many of whom do not have medical insurance, begin to experience symptoms of a collision in the days and weeks following the crash. By seeking medical attention immediately, it will ensure that there is official documentation indicating any injury that might be disputed in later phases of the case.

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Best Tampa Car Accident AttorneysFile a Car Accident Police Report

After determining that all individuals involved in the collision are physically unharmed, the next step is to call local law enforcement and file a police report. A police report will ensure a non-biased recollection of the events that occurred resulting in the crash. This is also monumental to have while reporting any collision claim with insurance companies because determining fault in a crash is often unclear. Having the right evidence is monumental in trying to prove fault, or lack thereof.

Contact the Insurance Company

auto accident injuries in tampaOnce the police report is recorded, it is important to report the collision with the insurance company that provides coverage for the vehicle involved. Having sufficient evidence of the events that occurred will be essential for insurance companies to pay out settlements.

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The last and final step that should be taken following a collision is contacting a seasoned car-accident attorney. This is the final step because if an experienced attorney is hired, the individuals involved in the case will have very little to worry about. The attorneys and staff will use their experience and resources in properly investigating the accident by dealing with law enforcement and insurance company adjusters. An attorney will also be able to properly file a claim –a point of error for many people. Finally, an attorney will be able to aggressively negotiate a fair settlement offer and will be able to ensure that the client receives the best possible outcome for the case with the maximum available settlement amount. Additionally, if a claim needs to be litigated, an attorney will be able to take the claim to court without hesitation.

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Nearly killed by drunk driver…

I was involved in an auto accident. The at-fault driver was drunk and almost cost me my life. I hired Paul Fowkes as my attorney and he and his team got to work right away on helping me win the case and be compensated for the damages. It took a long time to complete only because my health insurance at the time was impossible to work with. Regardless, Paul and his team contacted them on a daily basis and tried their best to get through to someone so that we could close the case. Everything was a success and I was satisfied with the experience. I also moved out of state at the time but they were able to accommodate me due to my circumstances. I was also refunded some money due to a processing error with one of the radiology companies with whom I sought treatment. Paul contacted me to inform me of the mistake and returned the money to me promptly. I truly appreciated the honesty and efficiency with which he and his team work with. –Mariel, AVVO, February 1, 2017.

A true warrior for his clients…

I highly recommend and endorse Ryan. He is a true warrior for his clients. His litigation skills are top notch and he achieves amazing results for his clients. You will not find a better lawyer. –Lawrence Disparti, AVVO August 22, 2014.

$700,000 Settlement…

Lucky to find F&H Law Group…

★★★★★ Google Review – I was very apprehensive about working with an attorney but after meeting Ryan all of my fears have disappeared. Ryan and his staff are very knowledgeable and have great open communication to ensure you are informed and comfortable at all times. I was never left unsure or wondering at any point in my case. You truly feel the care they have for you and their quality of work. I am beyond lucky to have found Ryan and F&H Law Group. Jennifer Macyowsky, Google, Jan 2019.

Highly recommend to friends & family…

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Jim and I want to thank you for a job well done. You’ve gone above and beyond. Your thoughtfulness and kindness was greatly appreciated in our time of need. You treated us like family and we are grateful for you and your services. We would be proud to recommend you – you are an awesome attorney!

Mary H., June 2017.


It is without hesitation that I describe what a great experience I had with Ryan. He has been a Godsend. He has been kind, courteous and extremely helpful with both cases. Always available for good advice. I am extremely grateful. I recommend them highly.

Rosemary Rogers, September 14, 2018