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Many commercial trucks use the roads daily to transport various types of cargo from city to port, or from city to city. These vehicles are part of what makes up the economic back bone of Florida and the entire United States. However, when these trucks are involved in accidents they can cause injuries that can seriously impact people for years.

Common Types Of Trucks On The Road

tampa 18 wheeler accident lawyerEach type of truck has its own unique risks. They most common types of trucks on the road are:

  • Tanker trucks that carry inflammable liquids or gas
  • Garbage or dump trucks that often operated in residential areas and pose a risk to pedestrians
  • Tractor-trailers that have large blind spots
  • Flat-bed trucks often cause accidents when cargo becomes dislodged
  • Tow-trucks

Tractor trailers are very dangerous compared to other commercial vehicles because of their large blind spots.  But tanker trucks can affect other vehicles on a busy highway if the inflammable liquid or gas they carry catches fire.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Fatigue caused by working extra long hours without sleep and ignoring medical regulations are two of the most common federal law violations that often lead to truck accidents.  Drivers may violate these laws on their own, or truck companies may force drivers to violate them. However, a truck accident may happen because a driver failed to quickly maneuver the truck away from a risky situation in time.

Trucks are hard to steer during normal conditions, which means drivers that are speeding in bad weather conditions such heavy snow fall or rainfall may easily cause an accident. Other causes of truck accidents include:

  • Faults in how the truck was manufactured
  • Poor maintenance of the truck
  • Improper loading such carrying cargo that is too heavy
  • Drivers under the influence of alcohol or narcotics

The bottom-line is that in such accidents it is important to determine who the at-fault party is in order for the victims to get compensation they deserve.

Determining Liability In Truck Or Tractor Trailer Accidents In Tampa

Truck accidents are complicated as far as determining who is liable or responsible for the accident is concerned. Either it is the driver that was at-fault, or the other party or both of them were responsible. Then there are trucking operation, associated state and federal regulations that you need to understand. Generally, it is independent witnesses, accident reconstruction experts, and tracking mechanisms or GPS systems that can help prove fault.  All this information can be gathered with the help of an experienced attorney that can hire experts to investigate and gather evidence.

What To Do After A Truck Accident

First, seek medical attention even if there are no clear signs of an injury on you (and definitely before you worry about trying to find a lawyer in Tampa).  The doctor’s notes and other documents prepared by a doctor about your injuries can be used as evidence to prove you were injured.  You will also need to call the police who will also prepare a report that you can used as evidence. Other things you can do is take photos of your injuries, the accident scene and the damage on your car.

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