Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers

best personal injury attorneys in floridaSuffering bodily injury to one’s person can be traumatic, costly, and painful. Oftentimes, that bodily injury will occur at the fault or negligence of another person.

Although suffering bodily injury is overall an unfortunate circumstance, the law may be able to provide the injured with some kind of equitable relief to alleviate the harm suffered. In the event that bodily injury has occurred, it is monumentally important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in order to assure that the maximum recovery is attainable and received.

Do I have a Personal Injury Claim?

In order to determine whether equitable relief is attainable in a bodily injury case, it must first be determined whether a valid personal injury claim exists and whether that claim has a equitable remedy in a Florida court of law.

Auto accidents, medical malpractice, and slip and fall cases are some of the most common personal injury claims filed in the nation. However, due to Florida being surrounded largely by water, some personal injury claims that are specifically more common to the State are boating accidents, jet ski accidents, and fishing accidents. Laws differ on the location that the injury happened. For example, an injury that was incurred on a resort – of which there are plenty in Florida – might be subject to different laws than an injury that happened in another individual’s home.

I Have a Valid Claim, Do I have any Relief?

Once it is established that a valid claim exists, many might wonder what kind of recovery might be involved. Damage to property might be calculable, but oftentimes it is more difficult to calculate damage attributable to one’s person. Here are the types of damages available as relief for a personal injury claim in Florida:

  •      Pain and Suffering
  •      Lost Wages
  •      Medical Costs
  •      Additional Damage Incurred to Property

Contact an Attorney Immediately

As mentioned above, there are many legal factors that will contribute to the recovery available to an injured individual. Insurance companies that are often involved in claims of the like are reluctant to compensate the injured party with the amount in which the party is legally entitled to. For these reasons, the most important step an injured party can take when battling a personal injury claim, is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney.

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An experienced attorney will be able to help collect all the relevant and beneficial evidence needed for the claim, haggle with insurance companies, and aggressively litigate the claim if the need arises. Unlike the average person, an experienced attorney will be able to claim the maximum amount of damages available to the injured party. Many individuals with a personal injury claim will be willing to settle the claim at the low amount the insurance company will initially offer. However, an experienced attorney will not allow that. Instead, the attorney will make certain that all the above-mentioned damages that are available to the client are recovered.